” The four-year-old girl who was raped two days ago in Keshav Puram suffered severe genital injuries, including in her rectum and lower intestinal tract, said sources at Safdarjung hospital. The girl was referred to Safdarjung from Bhagwan Mahavir hospital.”

Whose fault is this?

Girl’s: During Nirbhaya incident people have alleged that “the girl must have not been wandering during late night hours”. This should be an eye opener for those people. This incident shows that a person having mentality of a rapist doesn’t need any show of flesh, sexy clothing or any kind of so called “invitation” to do their evil deed.

Police: Police doesn’t stop a crime Law does, police is just a medium which implements that Law. In simple terms Police is hand and feet of Law. So the Rape could not have stopped by Police, and they cannot be blamed at least for the happening of this shameful event, but yes if Police doesn’t do the very best that they can to brought justice to that girl and for the re-establishment of the faith in our law and order system in hearts of that girl and her parents then it’ll be a failure for our Police Department.

Law: As name suggests i’m just a common man not a barrister from high court and don’t know our law better then a common man, but as I’m giving my views on this event and our law is a part of it so I would like to put up my agreement for the need of a fast track court for rape cases. People also say that there must be a law of death punishment for rapist. It does seem logical to have this hatred for rapist but what doesn’t seem correct here is it doesn’t fit in a country of saints like Mahatama Gandhi. If we assume a society like a body then rapist can be considered like a wounded, rotten finger of this body which is causing infection to it, but in real life our first response to this situation is not to cut off the finger but we try to “cure” it and if we fail in that then we cut that part off. I believe that’s what our first attitude should be towards rapists also. Yes they have done something even unimaginable, yes there must be a punishment for it, but we cannot build a better society on a gun point, we are not Taliban are we?

Then what is the problem?

Problem is in the society and can only be cured when we change our attitude towards women. When boys will be taught from their childhood the very beginning on how he should be treating girls that is not his sister or mother. It can only be cured when girls will be looked at not as an object (dekh boss kya item hai), asĀ  property (as in very famous hindi saying jar, joru aur jameen) but as a “Human Being“. It can only be cured when boys will be taught that overpowering a physically inferior being or having a huge sexual appetite doesn’t show their “mardanagi” (manhood). When instead of making our boys a real man we’ll first think about making them a good man. Change can only come when we change the man in the mirror.