12 Characters May Appear in 'One Piece' Season 2

12. Crocodile

A cunning adversary, to play a significant role in the storyline.

11. Nico Robin

An archaeologist with unique abilities, transitions from antagonist to Straw Hat ally.

10. Tony Tony Chopper

The crew's doctor, brings life-saving skills and comic relief to the team.

9. Ace

With fire-controlling abilities, emerges as a crucial asset for navigating treacherous waters.

8. Monkey D. Dragon

Luffy's enigmatic father, leads the Revolutionary Army against the World Government.

7. Wapol

a former king turned pirate, presents an early antagonist for Luffy and crew.

6. Vivi

Vivi's dynamic journey from Baroque Works to Straw Hat ally adds complexity to her character.

5. Dr. Kureha

An elderly doctor, imparts wisdom and medical expertise to the Straw Hat crew.

4. Mr. 1 (Daz Bonez)

Serves as a formidable enforcer for Crocodile in Baroque Works.

3. Bon Clay

Bon Clay's evolving friendship with Luffy introduces a layer of complexity to his character.

2. Tashigi

A skilled marine officer, offers both formidable opposition and potential alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates.

1. Crocus

A seasoned doctor with ties to the Pirate King, brings invaluable knowledge to the crew's journey into the Grand Line.

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