Charlize Theron on Plastic Surgery Rumors: “Bitch, I’m Just Aging!”

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“They’re like, ‘What did she do to her face?’ I’m like, ‘Bitch, I’m just aging! It doesn’t mean I got bad plastic surgery. This is just what happens.’”

Charlize Theron, aged 48, embraces her changing appearance in defiance of Hollywood's beauty standards.

Theron addresses plastic surgery rumors, attributing her evolving face to natural aging.

She criticizes societal norms that allow men to age gracefully while pressuring women to meet unrealistic standards.

Past movie roles necessitating rapid weight changes took a toll on her body, especially after turning 40.

Unlike her youth, quick weight loss wasn't achievable in her 40s due to a slower metabolism.

Theron, recognized for performing stunts, reveals that her body's healing process has slowed down with age.

The interview highlights Theron's message of embracing natural aging and promoting empathy for women's diverse life experiences.

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