Christopher Nolan Taking Away Matt Damon From His Wife

Matt Damon made a promise to his wife that he would take a break from acting unless he received a call from Christopher Nolan.

During an Entertainment Weekly interview with his "Oppenheimer" castmates, the actor recalled the commitment he had made.

Despite not knowing if Nolan was working on a new film, Damon mentioned that he had the foresight to add this exception to his request.

Matt Damon shared that he had promised his wife during couples therapy that he would take a hiatus from acting, with the only exception being if Christopher Nolan offered him a role.

Alongside Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., and the "Oppenheimer" director, Damon expressed his forward-thinking decision in an Entertainment Weekly conversation.

"I had been in 'Interstellar,' and then Chris put me on ice for a couple of movies, so I wasn't in the rotation," Damon said. 

"Oppenheimer" is a historical drama starring Cillian Murphy in the lead role, the American theoretical physicist famous for his involvement in the development of the atomic bomb.

The film "Oppenheimer" is scheduled to premiere in cinemas on Friday, July 21st. Watch It And Let Us Know How It Was!

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