Did A$AP Diss Travis Scott Over Rihanna Romance?"

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In Miami, Florida, A$AP Rocky, Rihanna's baby daddy, sparked controversy at Rolling Loud when he premiered a new song from his upcoming album, Don't Be Dumb.

The 34-year-old rapper included intriguing lyrics that seemed to be directed at fellow rapper Travis Scott, who previously dated Rihanna.

During the concert, Rocky previewed several unreleased tracks, but one specific line quickly caught attention and went viral. 

He rapped, "First you stole my flow, so I stole your b***h / Then you stole my style, I need at least like 10 percent. All due disrespect, I hope you take offense."

The verse, though indirect, appeared to be a pointed diss aimed at Travis Scott, leading to extensive discussions on social media about the possible feud between the two artists.

While it's not entirely conclusive that Rocky's supposed diss targeted Travis Scott, it wouldn't be entirely surprising considering their history.

Travis, who has two children with his former girlfriend Kylie Jenner, was rumored to have dated Rihanna for a year in 2015. Over the years, there have been numerous comparisons made between these two influential hip-hop artists.

And when it comes to Rihanna, everyone knows that the L$D artist doesn't take things lightly!

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