Heidi Klum Almost Drew Childbirth  During 'AGT' Magic Act!

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Heidi Klum, an America's Got Talent judge, quickly sketched her wedding during a magic act when asked to draw a "special moment" by contestant Trigg Watson.

She initially considered drawing the birth of her children but changed her mind in the moment.

Klum's drawing skills impressed Watson, who praised her for creating a remarkable wedding doodle in 15 seconds.

Klum and husband Tom Kaulitz tied the knot in February 2019, celebrating with a lavish ceremony in Capri, Italy.

She highlighted their strong partnership, emphasizing their ability to tackle everything together, big or small.

Klum shared that they sometimes watch AGT together, though Kaulitz prefers to be in the live audience to support her.

The results show will reveal if Watson advances to the season 18 finale, airing Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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