Final Fantasy XIV 7.0 revealed as Dawntrail - New World Unlocked

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Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy XIV 7.0 expansion titled "Dawntrail" during the annual FF XIV Fanfest celebration, to be launched in summer 2024.

"Dawntrail" follows the conclusion of the previous expansion, "Endwalker," and explores uncharted territory in the New World.

The expansion's storyline involves the Warrior of Light and several Scions of the Seventh Dawn, including Y'shtola, G'raha Tia, and Thancred, as they journey to Tural to determine its new leader.

Tural features a new hub city with a diverse population living in harmony with nature, making it an exciting location for players to explore.

"Dawntrail" introduces two new classes, a ranged DPS, and a magic DPS, though specifics remain a mystery. Hints were given by Naoki Yoshida, pointing to his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt as a clue.

The level cap will increase to 100, and every job will receive new skills, adding depth to gameplay.

Players can anticipate a new dungeon, lifestyle content, and a range of new gear, recipes, and enemies to encounter.

The improvements will first apply to content in 7.0 and then extend to 2.0 characters, followed by older expansions. This gradual implementation ensures a comprehensive upgrade to the game's visuals.

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