John Stamos Revealed Why He Got Angry With the Olsen Twins

John Stamos, known for his role in 'Full House,' opens up about his relationship with co-stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

During the early stages of Fuller House in 2015, the Olsen twins declined to reprise their shared role of Michelle for the Netflix reboot.

Stamos admits he felt upset by their decision and was initially angry, but the situation improved later.

Bob Saget, another 'Full House' cast member, played a key role in keeping the cast together.

Rumors spread that Mary-Kate and Ashley were unaware of Fuller House's development and negotiations, prompting Stamos to call them out on Twitter.

However, they reconciled and remained close after having a heartfelt dinner at Stamos' home.

Stamos had previously mentioned challenges with the Olsens during the first season of 'Full House,' where they were fired due to constant crying on set.

Over time, their relationship improved, and the Olsens have become iconic characters loved by fans even after several decades.

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