Kissing Scarlett Was 'Hell' - Matt Damon

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Damon, 52, and Scarlett Johansson thought a kissing scene was over during filming.

They had to redo the lip-locking scene after their break due to production requirements.

Matt Damon didn't enjoy kissing Scarlett Johansson because she had just eaten an onion sandwich.

The scene involved a tight shot of the kiss, and Scarlett revealed her onion breath before the take.

Damon playfully teased her about the onion breath, but he insisted her breath smelled like roses.

“It was hell!, She came in, and director had set the camera up, it was like a tight shot of the kiss. She goes, ‘Ah s–t! I literally just had an onion sandwich!'”

They had to kiss for a film scene in "Oppenheimer" after Scarlett ate the onion sandwich.

Damon previously made headlines for revealing on-screen kissing experiences, including a canceled kiss with Ben Affleck in "The Last Duel."

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