Oppenheimer review: Christopher Nolan delivers his masterpiece

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Christopher Nolan's latest movie, "Oppenheimer," based on the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, has received outstanding reviews from critics.

The film, starring Cillian Murphy as Oppenheimer and featuring an impressive ensemble cast, has been highly anticipated since its announcement in 2021.

The movie is described as a mix of a thrilling roller-coaster and a thought-provoking period piece, touching on present-day concerns about nuclear issues.

Nolan's portrayal of Oppenheimer and the historical context is widely commended for its depth and artistic brilliance.

Reviewers laud "Oppenheimer" as one of Nolan's best works, elevating him to new heights as a filmmaker.

The film explores the theme of humanity's potential for self-destruction and is considered challenging, unsettling, and successful in its execution.

"Oppenheimer" is hailed as a magnificent, brilliantly acted, and thoroughly engrossing epic, capturing the contradictions of a remarkable yet flawed individual.

Some reviewers acknowledged that "Oppenheimer" is not an easy watch, given its subject matter, but they believe that the discomfort serves a purpose.

Matt Zoller Seitz from RogerEbert.com described the film's physical experience as something unique and fascinating, although hard to precisely define.

Richard Lawson from Vanity Fair praised the movie's uncommon resonance, leaving viewers head-spun and emotionally affected, with ringing ears from its sophisticated and intense impact.

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"Oppenheimer" hits theaters on July 21,