Ryan Reynolds Troll Sandra Bullock on Her Birthday With 'Proposal' Clip

By Green Mango More

Ryan Reynolds surprises Sandra Bullock on her 59th birthday with a funny gift.

He shares a flashback clip from their 2009 movie "The Proposal" on Instagram.

Reynolds jokes about getting them intimacy coordinators, an HR department, and clothing for the occasion.

The clip shows the iconic and awkward naked scene where Bullock's character falls on top of Reynolds' character.

"The Proposal" follows a fake wedding plan between a pushy boss (Bullock) and her assistant (Reynolds) that leads to unexpected love.

Fans express delight in the comments, reminiscing about the hilarious scene and praising the movie as a classic and feel-good film.

Some fans suggest a sequel called "The Engagement" with more dating, family reunions, and comedic moments.

The Instagram post celebrates the enduring chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in the beloved romantic-comedy.

You Can Watch That Clip Shared By Ryan Reynolds Below:

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