Taylor Swift partners with Google for a vault song reveal 

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Fans embark on a virtual Easter egg hunt to uncover new "1989 (Taylor's Version)" track titles.

Technical glitches create frustration among eager Swifties participating in the event.

Google's search function generates 89 puzzles for fans to solve and unveil the song names.

Swift's "Taylor's Version" includes previously unreleased tracks, adding an extra treat for fans.

The singer previously revealed vault tracks for her re-recorded albums "Fearless" and "Red."

Some international fans noticed a mysterious blue vault icon on Google, building excitement.

Frustration arises as fans face difficulties participating in the event due to technical issues.

Swift's massive global following prompts discussions about the challenges of large-scale events.

Google's involvement aims to engage and excite fans, but technical hiccups lead to mixed reactions.

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Taylor Swift Vault Song Check Out Frustrate Fans Reaction!