Top 10 Marvel Zombies Characters

Colonel America

Formerly known as Captain America, he leads the zombie Avengers with terrifying strength and his iconic shield.


Peter Parker's agility and spider-sense make him a formidable predator, haunted by guilt for infecting his loved ones.


The already monstrous Hulk becomes an even more fearsome zombie, possessing incredible strength and a rapid healing factor.


Thanks to his mutant healing abilities, Wolverine persists as an undead warrior fueled by feral rage.

Iron Man

Tony Stark's genius intellect remains intact, now focused on finding new ways to satisfy his hunger, using his Iron Man armor as a deadly weapon.


Hank Pym's size-changing powers make him a massive threat in his zombie form.

Luke Cage

With his unbreakable skin, Luke Cage is nearly invulnerable even as a zombie, making him a formidable opponent.


Retaining control over magnetism, Magneto remains a powerful and dangerous force as a zombie.

Doctor Strange

His magical abilities become even more terrifying in the hands of a zombie, adding a supernatural element to the apocalypse.

Ash Williams

A surprising addition from the Evil Dead series, Ash becomes an unexpected ally to the few remaining survivors in the Marvel Zombies universe.

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