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What is the meaning of Green Mango More?

Meaning of green mango more

Many people have question about “Green Mango More”, What is “Green Mango More”?, What is the meaning of it. Let me explain you about that.

In Hindi language there is an abuse called ”Haramzaada” which means Bastard in English. In Hindi when we pronounce Haramzaada and split this word into three words it sound like this.

Hara + Aam + Zaada = Haramzaada

Each of these three words have a meaning in Hindi.

Hara = Green
Aam = Mango
Zaada = More

So in school, collages or in kids circle they do not abuse anyone by calling “Haramzaada” or “Bastard” because that consider as bad manners to abuse like this. So just for fun, children call it Green Mango More as a teasing weapon.

We are using this word just for recalling the childhood. We assure you this website will give you fun unlimited.

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