Bollywood Celebrities on Baahubali Success | Amitabh Bachchan, Salman, Deepika and more

Since Baahubali has now became the highest grossing movie of Indian cinema with more than 1000 Crore business, everyone is appreciating its grand success. Some of Bollywood’s popular stars also could not stop them self to speak about this epic movie.

This is what these Bollywood stars has to say about Baahubali Success:

Sahid Kapoor Speak ups on Baahubali Success“It’s great to see cinemas are breaking barriers of languages, Koi film Hindustan main jo achieve kar pa rahi hai, Its very beneficial for entire industry and wish all the success to everybody involved with Baahubali. Kam se kam hum iss scale ki movies attempt kar rahe hai and somebody (SS Rajamouli) is backing it and spending time to make it. So it’s very inspiring and we all are inspired and we all are going to work harder to make better movies.”

~ Shahid Kapoor

Director Kabir Khan on the Success of Baahubali Movie

“Jab bhi koi movie acha business karti hai hume khushi hoti hai, Humko isse ek regional movie ki tarah nahi dekhna chahiye. Hats off to Rajamouli for combining the market of south and north. He did a brilliant effort for making such movie.”

~ Kabir Khan

Deepika padukone after the huge success of Baahubali

“The possibilities are endless and limitless. there is no limit of creativity. Whether it’s us (Deepika & Priyanka) as Indian representing India globally or whether Baahubali, which we understand a regional film that breaking barriers and crossing boundaries from their region and that become such a huge success. That’s exactly what it is. The possibility is endless.”

~Deepika Padukone

Salman Khan's Reaction on Baahubali Success

“Incredible Film, It’s a lovely movie. Very well shot. Really nice movie.”

~ Salman Khan

Varun Dhawan on Baahubali Movie's grand success

“Har insaan ko isse dekhna chahiye jo film se pyar karta hai, I think it’s an achievement. Rajamouli has to be by far one of the best directors of our country. Star cast did a superb work. It’s an outstanding effort and it think whole world can watch this film. We as Indian should be very proud of it.”

~ Varun Dhawan

Parineeti Chopra after the success of Baahubali

“Kitni fimlo ka life time business 50cr hota hai and I’m very glad ki humari industry main aisi film ayi hai jo humari industry ke liye itne paise kama rahi hai But sabse achi baat ye hai ki film ki taarif ho rahi hai so obviously it’s well deserve so congratulations. And I hope every movie get this much success.”

~ Parinita Chopra

Ranbir Singh Blown Away from the success of Baahubali“I loved it, I was blown away by the visual effects and action in it. Baahubali raise the bar in terms of visual effects. I really love Rajamouli as a director.”

~ Ranveer Singh

Amitabh Bachchan on Baahubali and SS Rajamouli

“I feel so small in front of something like this. It’s a great effort, I doubt if any thing like this has been seen on Indian cinema before and hope that millions and millions of people can see this effort that has been made   because its truly quite unimaginable. This is an incredible effort. I have never seen anything like this before. Now I feel I should have been in this project also. Many many congratulations to Rajamouli Ji and everyone connected to this.”

~ Amitabh Bachchan

We hope other big Bollywood stars are also enjoying this movie and learned that content is the key to success not remakes. 😛

Source: YouTube