‘Gunda’ Actor Mukesh Rishi Finally Spoke About His Favorite Dialogue ‘Bullaa’

1998 released Gunda movie is best known for it’s weird and hilarious dialogues. There are four-five villains in this movie and everyone has their one pet dialogue.

Popular Dialogues of Gunda Movie:

“Mera Naam Hai Bulla, Rakhta Hoon Khulla”

Mera naam hai bulla, rakhta hu khulla. Gunda movie dialogue

“Mera Naam Hai Pote, Jo Apne Baap Ke Bhi Nahi Hote”

Mera naam hai pote, jo apne baap ke bhi nahi hote, gunda movie dialogue

“Mera Naam Hai Ibu Hatela. Maa Meri Chudail Ki Beti, Baap Mera Shaitan Ka Chaila…Khayega Kela?”

Mera Naam Hai Ibu Hatela. Maa Meri Chudail Ki Beti, Baap Mera Shaitan Ka Chaila...Khayega Kela? Gunda movie dialogue

“Mera Naam Hai Chuttiya, Ache Achon Ki Khadi Karta Hoon Khatiya”

Mera Naam Hai Chuttiya, shakit kapoor gunda movie dialogue

In an interview, Mukesh Rishi who played the character of Bulla spoke about the role he played in the movie Gunda. He said:

“I felt ashamed while saying Bulla’s dialogues! There was a mixed feeling of shame and guilt, and I constantly questioned myself why I was doing this in the first place,” 

Mukesh Rishi has done countless projects in Bollywood and South film industries. He has done a remarkable role in Sarfarosh and many other movies. When Gunda movie was released, it was a box office failure but its dialogues went viral in past few years.

“But that’s what they say about the internet — nothing really dies [here]. And soon I saw my young fans, especially girls, saying those dialogues like they were something good. That is something I never truly understood … But if anyone has to take credit for it, I’d give it all to the one who wrote the dialogues. Who envisioned them not only surviving that phase of cinema but somehow knew that these lines would stay. It was very intuitive of them.” ~ Mukesh Rishi further added.

Mukesh Rishi is a brilliant actor and he might not overshadow his Bulla character but he can prove himself a good actor through his acting skills.