Imtiaz Ali Shares Secret: Chamkila had another child with Gurmail after Amarjot, But Scene Got Removed!

Imtiaz Ali recently shared some exclusive insights about his film “Amar Singh Chamkila,” which continues to make waves even after its release on Netflix. In a conversation with News18 Showsha, he opened up about the positive response from both critics and audiences and the heartwarming reunion of Chamkila’s family at the Mumbai screening.

Imtiaz Ali Reveals Chamkila Had a Child with Gurmail after Amarjot

Imtiaz revealed that he played a role in bringing together Amarjot and Gurmail’s families, encouraging them to take a picture together despite their initial hesitation. He emphasized the importance of unity, especially considering the complexities of their relationships.

Speaking about Gurmail’s reaction to the film, Imtiaz mentioned her emotional response and how she expressed her love for the portrayal of her late husband. He also hinted at the untold stories between Chamkila and Gurmail, acknowledging the challenge of condensing their complex lives into a single narrative.

Imtiaz Ali Uncovers Chamkila's Hidden Chapter: A Child with Gurmail After Amarjot | Exclusive

One such aspect was Gurmail’s pregnancy after Jaiman’s birth, which Imtiaz had initially scripted but later had to cut due to its perceived relevance. He explained that revealing too much about Gurmail’s role in Chamkila’s life would have detracted from the main themes of the film.

Imtiaz also shared a charming anecdote about Chamkila and Gurmail’s early married life, highlighting their age difference and the simplicity of their beginnings, such as riding a bicycle together after their wedding.

Overall, Imtiaz hinted at the rich tapestry of Chamkila’s life and relationships, suggesting that many more stories were waiting to be explored. Despite the constraints of film duration, he expressed a desire to delve deeper into the complexities of Chamkila’s personal life in future projects.