KGF beats Shahrukh Khan’s ZERO on its first Weekend Collection! (3rd Day Collection)

After three days of the release of Yash’s KGF and Shahrukh’s ZERO both manage to cross 50 crores mark. But the surprising fact came up when the third-day collection came out on the internet. KGF is consistently increasing its box office collection. On its opening day, KGF got 18.1 crores19.2 crores on the second day and 22.4 crores on its third day.

On the other hand, Shahrukh Khan’s ZERO opened with 20.14 crores. On its second day, it got 18.22 crores and on 3rd day which was a Sunday, it got 20.71 crores only.

The Total Three days Collection of KGF & ZERO:

KGF (Released on 2460 Screens World Wide)
Day 1: 18.1 crores
Day 2: 19.2 crores
Day 3: 22.4 crores
Total: 59.7 crores

ZERO (Released on 5965 Screens World Wide)
Day 1: 20.14 crores
Day 2: 18.22 crores
Day 3: 20.71 crores
Total: 59.07 crores

The Margin is not big but going ahead in front of a big star like Shahrukh Khan which has a huge fan following in the whole country proves that these days, stardom is not enough. Bollywood have to focus on good content to attract people in theatres.