Priyanka Chopra Becomes Brand Ambassador of Assam Tourism, “Free Of Cost”

Priyanka Chopra is definitely on fire. From being a super duper hit Bollywood actress to slaying it in Hollywood, she is no less. And it is not just about the movies and fame. Recently she became UN’s Goodwill ambassador. Is there something she can’t do?

Wait, It is not enough! After so many discussions, Priyanka Chopra is officially the brand ambassador of Assam Tourism. She signed as the official Brand Ambassador of Assam Tourism.


As per reports, there were some rumors according to which Priyanka was quoting Rs. 15 Crore for the campaign. But the results are completely different. And it seems like the rumors were actually just rumors because they are not even close to the reality.

According to the reports, the Assam Government officially confirmed signing the contract. At a press meet the officials said, Priyanka Chopra is now officially a brand ambassador for 2 years.

But the most surprising thing is that she is doing it for free. She is not charging even a single pie for becoming brand ambassador.


Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Assam Tourism Minister said in statement that, “The agreement does not have any cost. We’ll only have to pay her during shooting and also for print advertisements as she will do so by leaving aside other work”.


Priyanka Chopra will be visiting Guwahati to take part at the International Tour Operators Conclave on 24th December.


The minister on this account added further, “With her, we’ll go global with countries like the US, the UK, Japan and Germany among others. We’ll hold promotional activities there. As she is the best, her association will definitely help Assam in attracting more national as well as global tourists”.


Sachin Tendulkar was given the offer at first but he refused to do so. Before choosing PC, the offered it to 4-5 other celebrities but Chopra again won the show. Kudos to Priyanka because she is really an amazing woman!

Source: TOI