Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 Featuring 25-Minute SRK Cameo and Iconic Scooter Ride

The recent release of “Tiger Ka Message” on September 27 has ignited tremendous anticipation among cinema enthusiasts, all eagerly awaiting Salman Khan’s upcoming venture, “Tiger 3”. Adding to the excitement is the confirmation of Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo appearance, rumored to be an extensive 25-minute presence on screen. accused of being India’s foremost adversary.

Shah Rukh’s 25 Min Long Cameo: A Game Changer

A standout homage to “Sholay” is featured in the film, showcasing Shah Rukh and Salman embarking on a scooter ride equipped with a sidecar. Shah Rukh Khan takes the handlebars, while Salman Khan comfortably occupies the sidecar.

Behind the scenes, Aditya Chopra, the visionary leader of Yash Raj Films, has reportedly allocated a substantial budget of Rs 30 crore to facilitate the shooting of pivotal scenes on Madh Island. The film’s narrative pays tribute to the iconic classic “Sholay,” which starred legendary actors Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra.

Tiger 3: A Cinematic Marvel

Tiger 3 stands as a monumental cinematic endeavor, boasting a budget exceeding Rs 300 crore. The film’s ensemble cast, featuring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Emraan Hashmi, and Ridhi Dogra, plays a crucial role in its storytelling. Production for “Tiger 3” spanned six diverse countries, encompassing locations in Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, India, and Georgia. This international scope adds to the film’s global appeal and grandeur.

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Diwali Premiere: Promising a Spectacle

As the highly anticipated release date approaches, “Tiger 3” aims for a premiere coinciding with the festive Diwali season, promising a cinematic spectacle. With Shah Rukh Khan’s substantial cameo and the film’s significant budget, “Tiger 3” is poised to become a major cinematic event, captivating audiences with its action-packed narrative and a star-studded ensemble cast.