Top 5 Hidden Features in BGMI’s Latest 2.9 Winter Mode Update!

The latest BGMI update is out now. Check out the Top 5 Hidden Features in BGMI’s Latest 2.9 Winter Mode Update! Know these BGMI features before your friends!

BGMI enthusiasts, rejoice! The much-anticipated 2.9 update is here, bringing not just bug fixes but also an exciting winter-themed game mode. As you dive into the frosty battleground, discover these incredible hidden features that add a whole new dimension to your gaming experience.

1) Reindeer Ride: A Unique Mode of Transportation

BGMI 2.9 Winter Mode Update Hidden Feature - Reindeer Ride

In the Snow Castle region, encounter the all-new mechanical reindeer vehicles with a top speed of 90 km/h. These festive rides not only whisk you around the map efficiently but also allow you to scale towering structures like bridges and cable car depots, adding a thrilling twist to your strategy.

2) Snow Blaster: Transform and Conquer!

Snow Blaster -BGMI 2.9 Winter Mode Update Hidden Feature

Introducing the Snow Blaster, a pistol-sized rocket launcher using snow as ammunition. Shoot at your feet twice to morph into a snowman, offering a unique tactical advantage. Build snow heaps for impromptu cover during intense battles, and remember – the Snow Blaster isn’t just a weapon; it’s a game-changer.

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3) Santa’s Airdrop Surprise

Free Santa Airdrop Supply - BGMI 2.9 Winter Mode Update Hidden Feature

Ring the bell in the Frozen Castle, summoning Santa Claus in his sleigh for a special airdrop supply. Level 3 Helmets, Armor, gun attachments, and more await, providing a strategic boost to you and your teammates. Keep in mind the cooldown timer, ensuring you time your bell-ringing wisely for maximum benefits.

4) Ice Boulder Loot: Save Ammo, Use Your Knife

Break Ice With Snow - BGMI 2.9 Winter Mode Update Hidden Feature

Navigate the Frozen Kingdom and stumble upon scattered ice boulders. Instead of wasting precious bullets, opt for your trusty knife to break these boulders in three swift stabs. Discover valuable loot, including guns, ammunition, and attachments, hidden within the ice.

5) Snow Blaster Shield: Defend Against Grenades

Snow Blaster Shield BGMI 2.9 Winter Mode Update Hidden Feature

Grenades spell danger, but with the Snow Blaster, you can turn the tide. When faced with enemy grenades, use the Snow Blaster to cover them with snow, neutralizing their explosive impact on nearby players. Master this technique to gain a tactical advantage in intense battles.

Embrace the winter wonderland of BGMI’s 2.9 update, where hidden features add layers of excitement to every match. Get ready to elevate your gaming strategy and revel in the thrill of the battleground! 🎮❄️ #BGMIUpdate #WinterGamingMagic

Image Credits: Krafton