6 Lost Dynasties of House of the Dragon: Forgotten Families of Westeros

6 Lost Dynasties of House of the Dragon: Before the events depicted in “Game of Thrones,” several major families met their demise, leaving a significant impact on the political landscape of Westeros. These families, though largely overlooked in the show, played crucial roles in the prequel series, “House of the Dragon.”

6 Lost Dynasties of House of the Dragon

1. House Velaryon

House of the Dragon - Velaryon

House Velaryon, while scarcely mentioned in “Game of Thrones,” holds considerable importance in “House of the Dragon.” Lord Corlys Velaryon’s marriage to Queen Rhaenys Targaryen and their subsequent descendants, including Laena and Laenor, intertwines their fate with the Targaryens’. However, with the deaths of prominent Velaryon heirs, the once-proud house sees a decline in influence.

2. House Hightower

House of the Dragon - Hightower House

As one of the oldest noble houses in Westeros, House Hightower’s decline is particularly significant. Engulfed in the Targaryen Civil War, their involvement in the conflict against Rhaenyra Targaryen led to their eventual downfall, marking the end of their longstanding prominence.

3. House Strong

House of the Dragon - Strong House

Once esteemed allies of the Targaryens, House Strong’s demise mirrors the shifting dynamics of power in Westeros. With figures like Lord Lyonel Strong and his son Harwin meeting tragic ends, the noble house fades into obscurity, leaving behind a legacy of lost influence.

4. House Dustin

House of the Dragon - Dustin House

While House Stark is a central northern house in “Game of Thrones,” House Dustin takes center stage in the prequel. Lord Roderick Dustin’s pivotal role in supporting Rhaenyra Targaryen underscores their importance, but with his demise, the family’s significance wanes as they become sworn to the Starks.

5. House Blackwood

House of the Dragon - Blackwood House

House Blackwood’s involvement in the Targaryen Civil War showcases their once-prominent status. Figures like Lord Samwell Blackwood and his sister Alysanne play key roles, but their influence diminishes over time, relegated to serving House Tully in the Riverlands.

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6. House Peake

House of the Dragon - Peake

A staunch supporter of the Hightowers, House Peake’s influence persists even beyond the Targaryen Civil War. With Lord Unwin Peake’s involvement in subsequent events, the house remains relevant, albeit overlooked in the adaptation to screen.

While these houses may have faded into obscurity in “Game of Thrones,” their significance in shaping the tumultuous events of the Targaryen era cannot be understated.