Internet Is Going Crazy Over Ranveer Singh in Don3 News

The announcement of Ranveer Singh’s lead role in the upcoming Bollywood movie Don 3 has ignited a Twitter storm. As news spread, users swiftly took to the platform to express their thoughts—often laced with humor—about the casting choice.

This wave of reactions underscores the significant influence of social media platforms in shaping public opinions and discussions on trending topics. Twitter’s reactions to Singh’s casting have been a mixed bag. Some fans are excited to see his energetic style injected into the franchise, while others are skeptical about whether he can fill Shah Rukh Khan’s shoes, who portrayed the iconic character in the earlier films.

Humor has been a driving force behind these reactions. Users have flooded Twitter with memes and witty comments, highlighting the contrast between Singh’s lively on-screen persona and the cool, mysterious demeanor traditionally associated with Don.

Another user posted a video of Vicky Kaushal, Hrithik and Abhishake.

Some suggested Rajpal Yadav over Ranveer Singh. 😀

And there are a lot more…

The legacy of the Don franchise, originating with Amitabh Bachchan and later rejuvenated by Shah Rukh Khan, has stirred nostalgia among fans. Comparisons between Singh’s potential portrayal and past iconic performances have fueled conversations on whether he can truly capture the essence of the character.