Mohammed Shami Got Angry on “Baap Kon Hai” Remark By a Pakistani Fan.

After losing the match Indian team players were going back to the pavilion where a pakistani fan was filming the joy of his county’s victory. This Pakistani fan was enjoying the victory and he was sledging the players on Indian cricket team.

In the given video you’ll hear him provoking Virat Kohli first by saying “Akad Toot Gayi Teri Kohli” but Kohli ignored him. Then he started saying repeatedly “Baap Kon Hai” which made Mohammed Shami angry. He cam back to the guy where Dhoni stopped him and told him to ignore the situation.

Watch Here, Mohammed Shami reacted to Baap Kon Hai remark:

Things we should care of:

We Indians also trolled Pakistan a lot. Our celebrities like Rishi Kapoor, Verendra Sehwag also did the same. Now Pakistan has won and they are doing the same. A healthy competition is always needed in any game but not like this by both countires. India-Pakistan is already having a critical relationship and the only thing we can enjoy together is this game, Cricket. So we request both countries dig on each other positively and enjoy this game. 🙂