St. Petersburg Filmmaker Charles Mattocks, Nephew of Bob Marley, Transitions to Health Advocacy and Documentary Production

Inspired by the legacy of his uncle Bob Marley, renowned filmmaker Charles Mattocks from St. Petersburg has shifted his career focus toward health advocacy. Mattocks, following in the footsteps of the reggae icon, envisions a healthier approach to marijuana use, even within the spiritual context of Rastafarianism.

Bob Marley’s Nephew Charles Mattocks Life Transition

Having successfully transitioned from the entertainment industry, Mattocks now dedicates his efforts to promoting healthy living through engaging documentaries and docuseries. His commitment to this cause is rooted in the belief that life, as expressed by Bob Marley, should be a selfless pursuit benefiting others.

Mattocks has explored various health topics in his work, addressing concerns such as cancer treatment, diabetes, and neurological conditions. In his upcoming project, he aims to delve into the often-overlooked subject of menopause, aiming to illuminate the physical, emotional, and psychological transformations that women undergo during this significant stage of life.

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True to the spirit of his uncle’s philosophy, Mattocks views his work as a means to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Through his documentaries, he endeavors to raise awareness and provide valuable insights, emphasizing the importance of selflessness and compassion in addressing health-related issues.