A Strange Thing Happens at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Casting

Everyone works their ass off to be the best. And no one gets anything without paying something off. Doing everything in your hands but sometimes you ends up with nothing. And it’s not just about your job, but it is about almost everything. Talking about Victoria’s Secret show and models have to pay off something for that.

We all say that life of models and actors is amazing and glamorous but they have many hurdles before reaching the top. And you will be shocked to know what actually happens while selecting models for fashions shows.

Well, this is what happens to many models who go for auditions to Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show casting.

Victoria's Secret

And this video explain it at its best. Some models who have tried for a number of times literally goes in tears.

The behind the scene video from 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City explains the feeling very well. Apart from the real fascinating show, what happens beforehand that is truly fascinating.

Victoria’s Secret released behind-the-scenes video of the live casting process. The process takes place 10 days before the show time. The finalists from the puddle of almost 500 models walk before the judges. And let me tell you one important thing, under bright white lights, with “no room to hide,” as one judge puts it — in hopes of making the squad.

And there we see the real side of models. The models who have been trying from a long time but couldn’t get in. We see tears, joy, happiness and much more. But the most we see is tears. A LOT OF TEARS.

Even runway vet and former full-time Angel Izabel Goulart couldn’t keep it together as she expressed how hard she works to maintain Angel-ness all year round. And it is not just the models, the judges cry too. (Sobbing in the corner)

 victoria's secret

But one of the highest paid models, Gigi Hadid was not as fazed as other. The air of confidence flows around her. And that is what makes her a super model. She was, obviously, offered the place in the show on the spot:

 victoria's secret


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