Sonam Kapoor Stuns in Blue Tee and Prada Pleated Skirt Ensemble

Sonam Kapoor is synonymous with cutting-edge fashion, consistently pushing boundaries and setting trends with her distinct style. Her penchant for making a statement on the red carpet is evident in her fearless approach to bold colors, unique styles, and intricate details. At a recent press event for the film “Thank You For Coming” in Mumbai, Sonam Kapoor once again showcased her sartorial prowess. Let’s dissect her look for this occasion.

A Stylish Fusion: Blue Tee and Black Pleated Skirt by Prada

Sonam Kapoor Latest Fashion Style. Stuns Internet With her Blue T-Shirt and Black Skirt

Sonam Kapoor, the epitome of style, effortlessly melded edgy and chic elements in her ensemble. Sporting a blue tee emblazoned with the empowering words ‘Rise, Rebel, Repeat,’ she exuded a rebellious flair. Adding a whimsical touch, the tee featured a playful cloud print. To elevate the look, Sonam paired it with a black mid-waist pleated skirt from Prada, seamlessly blending casual and sophisticated elements. Her impeccable sense of style and unwavering confidence transformed the outfit, reaffirming her status as a Bollywood fashion icon.

Accessorizing with Finesse: Heart-Shaped Bag and Golden Accents

Sonam Kapoor's Latest Instagram Picture

Complementing her ensemble was an Azzedine Alaïa purse, the pièce de résistance of her look. This endearing heart-shaped bag boasted a matte texture, radiating charm and playfulness. With its petite strap, it seamlessly combined fashion with functionality, adding an air of opulence to her attire, priced at Rs. 77,489.

Sonam adorned herself with an array of jewelry, showcasing her keen eye for detail. From the dainty hoops gracing her ears to the golden rings adorning her fingers, every piece was chosen with precision. Her ensemble was further accentuated with a gold bracelet and a wristwatch on her right hand, elevating her style quotient.

A statement-making, oversized golden chain adorned her neck, harmonizing flawlessly with her ensemble. And to complete the look, a pair of white pointed-toe shoes added a touch of refinement to Sonam’s overall appearance.

Expert Styling and Makeup Magic

Thanks to the skillful touch of stylist Abhilasha Devnani, Sonam Kapoor’s hair cascaded in loose waves with a center part, striking a balance between comfort and glamour. Makeup artist Namrata Soni worked her magic, enhancing Sonam’s features with sculpted cheekbones and a vibrant red lipstick that injected a pop of color into the entire look.

This ensemble is a testament to Sonam Kapoor’s innate ability to effortlessly marry edgy and elegant, solidifying her status as a true fashion icon.

Credits: Instagram