Netflix’s Berlin is Streaming Now! The Professor’s Cameo in Money Heist Prequel?

Money Heist‘s highly anticipated prequel, Netflix’s Berlin, is streaming on OTT, promising to delve into the captivating journey of Berlin and his gang. This series aims to shed light on the transformation of Berlin’s character, unfolding the enigmatic criminal figure that both captivates and repels audiences.

The recently released Berlin trailer provides a comprehensive glimpse into this intriguing prequel. For fans of the original show, familiar faces make appearances, and the new series is gradually shaping up to be an essential and highly anticipated watch. However, a lingering question in everybody’s mind is: “Will Professor make an appearance in Berlin?”

Netflix’s Berlin is Streaming Now!

The conclusion of Money Heist in 2021 left a void for its dedicated fan base, marked by the end of an era filled with compelling characters, gripping storylines, and remarkable cinematography. In response to this palpable absence, the franchise is making a comeback with a fresh series, placing Berlin in the spotlight and unraveling the tale of his life before our introduction to him in Money Heist.

Berlin is set to premiere on Netflix on November 29, 2023.

Professor’s Cameo in Money Heist Prequel Berlin?

Fans of Money Heist may be eager to witness The Professor (Álvaro Morte) in the prequel, given his role as Berlin’s half-brother and their collaboration on numerous heists. As of now, it appears that The Professor’s character will not be making an appearance in this particular show, adding an element of mystery to the unfolding narrative.

Netflix’s Berlin Cast

Netflix Berlin Cast and Secrets! Professor's Cameo?

The cast of Berlin includes:

  • Pedro Alonso as Andrés de Fonollosa or “Berlin”
  • Tristán Ulloa as Damián
  • Michelle Jenner as Keila
  • Begoña Vargas as Cameron
  • Julio Peña Fernández as Roi
  • Joel Sánchez as Bruce
  • Maria Isabel “Masi” Rodríguez as Susi

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This ensemble promises to bring to life the intriguing journey of Berlin and his gang, offering insight into the transformation of his character into the enigmatic criminal figure that has left a lasting impact on viewers. As the countdown to the release date begins, anticipation is high for this fresh addition to the Money Heist universe.