Reacher Season 2 Episode Release Schedule: Mark Your Calendar for Jack Reacher’s 4th Episode

Prime Video’s Reacher Season 2 has arrived, featuring Alan Ritchson as the titular action hero in a gripping adaptation of Lee Child’s 11th book, “Bad Luck and Trouble.” The new season kicks off with Jack Reacher receiving a mysterious coded message, leading him to investigate the ominous deaths of his former military unit members.

As Jack navigates through various locations, the stakes escalate, raising questions about betrayal and the impending danger faced by the characters. Lee Child, the series creator, has expressed confidence in Season 2, assuring fans that the latest installment surpasses its predecessor.

The release of Reacher Season 2 follows a weekly schedule, with the premiere including the first three episodes. For those eagerly awaiting more, Episode 4 is set to release on Friday, December 22nd. The series comprises a total of eight episodes, offering a thrilling narrative that unfolds week by week.

Here’s the release schedule for Reacher Season 2: Episodes 3 to 8,

  • Episode 1: “ATM” – Released on Friday, December 15th
  • Episode 2: “What Happens in Atlantic City” – Released on Friday, December 15th
  • Episode 3: “Picture Says A Thousand Words” – Released on Friday, December 15th
  • Episode 4: “A Night at the Symphony” – Upcoming on Friday, December 22nd
  • Episode 5: “Burial” – Friday, December 29th
  • Episode 6: “New York’s Finest” – Friday, January 5th, 2024
  • Episode 7: “The Man Goes Through” – Friday, January 12th, 2024
  • Episode 8: “Fly Boy” – Friday, January 19th, 2024

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Stay tuned as Jack Reacher’s thrilling escapades continue to unfold every Friday, promising an action-packed and suspenseful journey in each episode.