5 Things That Prove Women in India Have Gotten Bolder and How!

Women of late enjoy rolling up their sleeves and getting naughty. Gone are the days of keeping wild times hush-hush. Today, you kiss & tell and wear a ‘big deal’ attitude. Wonder what we are talking about? Read on what makes today’s woman bolder than ever before!

Women have a Blue Streak 😉


Turns out, more women in India watch porn. In fact, the proportion of them ladies watching blue films or porn has increased to a steamy 30% in 2015 from 26% in 2014. Whoever said women don’t like to watch action movies 😛
Source: India Today

Women Enjoy Playing a Good Match!


Looks like women are more active on online dating apps, says a study by Tinder. They are surely taking to swiping right and getting the ball rolling 😉
Source: DNA India

They are Milking the Benefits of Friends with Benefits! 


For those new to the ‘friends with benefits’ ball game, it basically means casual sex minus the emotions and complications. In fact, 28% of youngsters admit to scoring big bangs with multiple partners.
Source: TOI

Sexting Is The New Popular Dirty Deed in Town!


From the looks of it, women are twice as likely to sext than men. Trust the ladies to take a naughty conversation a notch higher.
Source: DesiBlitz

Women Have Really Taken to the Rubber!

Women have really taken to the rubber

If guys hesitate to buy condoms, women take the lead. They are totally cool being ready with the rubber for wild times ahead.
Source: Dailymail