Everything You Need To Know About Ice Mining: A New Digital Currency Revolution

Ice is a brand-new digital currency that you can mine or earn directly from your mobile device. The ice network operates on trust within a community of users who believe in showcasing the lasting value and versatility of digital currencies.

How to Start Ice Mining & Earning: A Simple Process

To start earning ice, all you have to do is check in every 24 hours by tapping the ice button and initiating your daily mining session. You can boost your mining rate by inviting friends. For each friend that checks in simultaneously, both of you receive a 25% bonus on your mining rate.

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Joining Ice Network: Easy and Global

Ice welcomes users worldwide with Android or iOS devices, requiring a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process with a valid national ID. Even without a valid ID, users can mine and claim coins upon ID issuance.

Using Ice Network: Phases of Utility

In Phase 1 (July 7th, 2023 — October 7th, 2024), users accumulate and grow micro-communities, mining ice coins for future use. Ice is committed to delivering real-world applications in Phase 1, with full integration of decentralized applications (dApps). In Phase 2 (October 7th, 2024), the Mainnet release allows for various transactions, and solutions for merchant integration are in development.

What is The Value of Ice Coin?

Ice will gain its market value after Phase 1 concludes, and the coin will be listed on exchanges in Phase 2. Assuring users of its legitimacy, the Ice project is backed by a dedicated team of over 20 professionals and its development progress is transparently documented on GitHub.

Preventing Fake Accounts: A Security Partnership

Ice has partnered with Appdome, a leading security company, to protect the app from threats and ensure a secure environment. Fake accounts, bots, or other threats are not accepted to maintain regular app behavior.

Differences Between Ice, Pi, and Bee

The main distinction lies in the governance model, with Ice empowering all users in network evolution decisions, avoiding concentration in the hands of a few validators. Ice introduces unique features like Tap in Advance, Slashing, Day Off, Resurrection, and Extra Bonuses based on activity, emphasizing the creation of micro-communities.

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Total Supply of Ice Coins: Dynamic Calculation

The total supply of ice coins remains dynamic, influenced by factors like registered users, online miners, halving events, and bonuses. The exact supply will be revealed at the end of Phase 1.

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