Djokovic’s Surprise Serve-and-Volley Tactic Triumphs Over Alcaraz in Cincinnati Final

In a thrilling final at the Western & Southern Open, Novak Djokovic pulled off a surprising tactic that led to his victory against Carlos Alcaraz. Serving and volleying behind his second serve, Djokovic managed to secure a 5-7, 7-6(7), 7-6(4) win, showcasing strategic brilliance on the court.

Strategic Shift: Serve and Volley Behind Second Serve

Facing the scorching heat of Cincinnati, Djokovic adapted his game to counter Alcaraz’s baseline dominance. Struggling with the baseline rallies, Djokovic, suffering from heat exhaustion, changed his approach to incorporate serve and volley tactics. Djokovic attempted this maneuver six times behind his second serve, astonishingly winning every single point.

Capitalizing on Return Position

Djokovic’s clever move to serve and volley was directly targeted at Alcaraz’s deep return positioning. By hitting a slow, heavy second serve, Djokovic exploited the extra time the ball took to reach the returner, positioning himself for an advantageous first volley near the baseline. Additionally, the high kick of his serve made it difficult for Alcaraz to generate power in his returns.

Key Moments of Mastery

Novak Djokovic Victory Tactics

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Opening Set (5-5, 0/15): Djokovic’s first attempt at serve and volley behind his second serve caught Alcaraz off guard, resulting in a backhand volley winner.

Opening Set (5-5, 15/40): Djokovic used a slow, wide slice second serve to again exploit Alcaraz’s deep positioning. A winning volley followed as Alcaraz struggled to retrieve the ball.

Second Set Tie-Break (6/6): Facing match point and battling heat exhaustion, Djokovic executed a gutsy serve and volley play behind his second serve. Reading Alcaraz’s positioning shift, he secured the point and fought on.

Strategic Brilliance Overcomes Challenges

In a match where Djokovic initially struggled to win baseline points, his shift to serve and volley turned the tide. In the second set, he appeared at the net more frequently, resulting in a higher percentage of points won. Alcaraz’s difficulty in handling Djokovic’s second serve return became apparent, as he committed a staggering 37 return errors, leading to Djokovic’s advantage.

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The Winning Move

Djokovic’s decision to serve and volley behind his second serve not only demonstrated his tactical acumen but also showcased his perseverance in the face of extreme conditions. Overcoming physical challenges, Djokovic’s strategic mindset and unwavering determination propelled him to victory.

In the end, Djokovic’s unconventional move to serve and volley, capitalizing on Alcaraz’s return positioning, proved to be a game-changing decision. This tactical shift allowed him to conserve energy, excel at the net, and secure a remarkable win in a hard-fought final.



Surprise Tactic That Helped Djokovic Beat Alcaraz In Cincinnati Final