Apple Lunched iPhone 8 and X, Twitter Couldn’t Stop Trolling It!

Soon after Apple launched its latest version of iPhone, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Twitter has gone mad over it and started trolling it over its price and features. There are three new variants of iPhone has been launched, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

First, check out how interesting the new iPhone’s feature looks. Apple users always stay excited for the new version of iPhone. Previous version iPhone broke the record of selling it’s highest units in a day. Let’s see how much response apple will get from iPhone X with a huge cost of $999.

Obviously, the newer version of iPhone costs way much than the old version and that is what triggered people and they started expressing it on Twitter through hilarious memes.

People’s Tweet on iPhone 8 and iPhone X:

When You Accidentally See The Price.

This Protest is Quite Recommended

What about the JUDWAS?

Every iPhone 7 User Right now.

I’m pretty much sure that these memes have been made by Andriod users and those who wanted to switch can get the iPhone7 because soon there will be a cut in price.