Despicable Me 3 Trailer is Out and It’s Just Super CUTE!

So, the trailer of one of the most awaited animated movies is out. And I just can’t get enough of it! Hopefully, you must have understood that I am talk about Despicable Me 3.

And the real reason behind loving this movie so much is MINIONS!

Awwww! Just look at them they’re so cute.

Well, talking about the trailer, it is obviously amazing. The 1st official trailer of Despicable Me 3 is completely satisfying. At least, till the movie comes into the theaters.


And the super-villain, Balthazar Bratt, this times seems kinda funny man. But wait! He is a villain, he can’t be good.


Though, the even more surprising thing is his weapon which is probably a bubble gum. The bubble gum which is trying to hijack a ship (seems like). Oh no, he’s trying to steal a diamond or something.


But wait! Gru and Lucy are here to save us. And this time they are agents of sea. Yayayaya.

And Gru-Cy are so cute together. Wait what did I just say?

Oops, it is Gru + Lucy = Gru-Cy


But they should seriously not take the villain lightly. He is not the old fashioned villain. He is the new one with amazing dancing skills.


The most exciting is the voice of Steve Carell – Our Gru. The movie will surely be exciting with Trey Parker and Kristen Wiig in the voice-overs.


Though the 1st trailer in not much revealing. And they didn’t show the minions and children. But no worries about it because we know that the girls and minions are going be so much fun this time as well!


Till then let’s have a look at the trailer of movie, Despicable Me 3:

Now I am desperately waiting for the second trailer. Let’s see what the despicable’s have got for us this time in the bag.

Tentative releasing dates are out. The movie will release on June 30, 2017.