Bigg Boss OTT 3: Armaan Malik Gets Upset When Sana Makbul Questions His Second Marriage: “Agar Payal Kisi Aadmi Ko Laati..”

In a recent episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3, Sana Makbul confronted Armaan Malik about his two marriages. The actress asked the YouTuber if he would be okay if his first wife, Payal, also decided to marry again. “Role ko ulta kardo, Payal ji agar kisi aadmi ko laati, will you be okay with it (Let’s reverse roles. Would you be okay if Payal also gets another man in the house)?” Sana inquired.

Armaan, however, was irritated by the question and responded, “Voh laake kya ghar mein rakhegi? Voh baad ki baat hai, inka koi jawab thodi hai (Will she stay at home with her? There are no answers to such things).” When Sana repeated the question, Armaan admitted that although Payal accepted his marriage with Kritika, he would not accept Payal’s second marriage. “Payal ne accept kar liya, main nahi karta (Payal accepted it, I would not have done it),” he said, adding, “Agar shaadi karke Payal laati hai kisi ko toh bhaiya tu apne ghar khush, main apne ghar khush (If Payal marries somebody else, she should stay with him).”

This confrontation came just a day after Payal broke down in the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house while recalling Armaan’s second marriage to Kritika. “One day, I was out and Kritika and Armaan were somewhere together. They must have talked and decided to get married, and Kritika agreed. They got married and came back. I received a call saying, ‘Hey Payal, we have some good news.’ I understand everything about them, so I immediately asked, ‘Did you two get married?’” Payal said as she tearfully recounted the event.

Armaan Malik Gets Upset From Sana Makbul’s Question, Watch it Here:

Armaan married his first wife, Payal, in 2011 and they have a son named Chirayu Malik. In 2018, six years later, Armaan married Payal’s best friend, Kritika, without legally ending his first marriage. On December 4, 2022, Armaan announced the pregnancies of both Kritika and Payal, creating a buzz on the internet. Armaan is now a father to four children: Chirayu, Tuba, Ayan, and Zaid.

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Before entering the reality show, Armaan addressed the controversies about his marital status. He told India Today, “If someone is genuinely curious and wants to know about our life, how we three have managed to live as one family, then I’d be happy to share my story with them. There’s no issue with people inside the house being curious about our set-up. However, if someone talks in a derogatory manner or chooses to pick a fight for no reason, then I’m capable of giving it back to them in the exact same tone and manner.”