Angelica Ross Claims Emma Roberts Was Transphobic On Set Of American Horror Story

Angelica Ross, a trans actress, recently alleged that Emma Roberts was transphobic to her on the set of ‘American Horror Story: 1984‘.

Ross took to social media to share her story, claiming that Roberts misgendered her during an interaction with another costar, John Carroll Lynch. Lynch reportedly told Ross and Roberts to play nice between takes, after Roberts playfully complained that Ross was being mean.

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Ross alleges that Roberts responded by saying, “Don’t you mean ‘lady’?” while partially cloaking her face and walking away.

Watch Her Video About The Transphobic Claim About Emma Roberts:

Ross says she was stunned by the interaction and never spoke to Roberts again when cameras weren’t rolling. She also claims that she was afraid to report the incident, fearing retaliation.

Ross also alleges that Roberts was generally difficult to work with on set, pissing off other actors and throwing her weight around.

Roberts’ representatives have not yet responded to a request for comment.