Haikyuu!! The Movie 1: The End and the Beginning – Movie Unveils Theme Song and Release Date

Haikyuu!! The Movie 1: The End and the Beginning: The beloved Haikyu!! series is making a comeback with an action-packed movie titled “Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump.” Fans are in for a treat as they witness the intense Nationals match between Karasuno and Nekoma. Get ready for thrilling moments and root for your favorite team!

Haikyuu!! Movie Premiere Date in Japan

Mark your calendars! “Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump” will hit Japanese theaters on February 16th. Japanese fans, get ready to experience the excitement on the big screen.

Haikyuu!! Release Date (International)

While there’s no official word on international release plans yet, stay tuned for updates. Hopefully, fans worldwide will get to enjoy the movie soon!

SPYAIR Sets the Mood

Great news! The movie’s theme song, “Orange,” is performed by the talented band SPYAIR. Check out the teaser to get a taste of the song’s vibe. Music adds to the excitement of the game!

Teasers for the Second Movie

While we wait for the first movie, details about the second and final Haikyu movie are still under wraps. Keep an eye out for teasers and announcements after the first movie’s release.

Watch on Crunchyroll

New to Haikyu!! or need a refresher? You can catch all four seasons of the TV anime series on Crunchyroll. Follow Shoyo Hinata’s journey from forming a volleyball team to facing off against Tobio Kageyama.

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Haikyu!! Synopsis

Haikyu!! isn’t just about volleyball; it’s a heartwarming sports anime. Follow Hinata’s passion for volleyball, inspired by a pro player. Join him as he tackles challenges, including his rivalry with Kageyama.

The Promise to Surpass

After a tough loss in middle school, Hinata vows to surpass Kageyama. Their rivalry intensifies as they both join the high school volleyball team, sparking thrilling competition.