Pokemon Horizons Announces Highly-Anticipated US Premiere Date with Exciting New Trailer | Don’t Miss the Action!

Get ready, US Pokemon fans! The long-awaited Pokemon Horizons anime is finally making its debut on American screens. The anime treated fans with an exhilarating English dubbed trailer, unveiling key characters and thrilling scenes.

In the opening moments, viewers catch a glimpse of Liko, the main character, excitedly embarking on her journey at the Kanto-based Indigo Academy alongside her favorite Pokemon, Sprigatito. The trailer teases an adventure filled with new Pokemon discoveries and self-discovery for Liko.

Roy, another protagonist, takes the spotlight with his favorite Pokemon, Fuecoco, as he aspires to become a renowned trainer with a powerful team of Pokemon. The trailer introduces Friede, a member of the Rising Volt Tacklers organization, showcasing their goal to explore the world and uncover Pokemon mysteries. Notably, Charizard makes a stunning return, engaging in a fierce battle against Ceruledge from Ethiopia, showcasing smooth and captivating animation during the fight scenes.

The trailer concludes with the exciting announcement of the US premiere date on February 23, 2024. The video has already garnered 4.3K likes on YouTube with 81K views, building anticipation among Pokemon enthusiasts.

Pokemon Horizons English Trailer


OTT: When and Where to Watch Pokemon Horizons?

For US viewers, Pokemon Horizons will be available on Netflix, offering an immersive viewing experience. Canadian fans can catch it on either Cartoon Network or Télétoon starting March 2, 2024. Meanwhile, Australian viewers have the privilege of enjoying the anime a bit earlier on February 27, 2024, on 9Go!

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The anime is brought to life by the talented teams at OLM and Team Kato, known for their previous work on the Pokemon series. Saori Den, recognized for Sword Art Online, takes the directorial helm, while Conisch handles the music, and Rei Yamazaki, famed for Pokemon Evolutions (2021), contributes to the character design. Get ready to dive into the Pokemon Horizons adventure like never before!