Akshay Kumar video message on toilet issue in india

Akshay Kumar on his facebook page shared a special video message with his fans explaining the issue of Toilet and clean environment. As he said on his video, after the research on his upcoming film “Toilet Ek Prem Katha” he get to know all the important information about clean environment which he shared in this video. He not the only Bollywood celebrity who is talking about this issue. Vidya Balan is also promoting “Swach Bharat” with her campaign, now Akshay kumar also joined him in this issue of going out for toilet in India.

This is what he shared on facebook:

“Time hai apni #SochAurShauch dono badalne ka. Dekhiye, sochiye aur apne vichar bataiye
समय है अपनी सोच और शौच दोनों बदलने का। देखिये, सोचिये और अपने विचार बताइये”

Watch this special video message of Akshay Kumar here:

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