Merry Christmas: Saif Ali Khan Wanted To Play The Role of Vijay Sethupathi But Director Rejected Him!

Director Sriram Raghavan recently disclosed that Saif Ali Khan expressed a desire to play Vijay Sethupathi’s role in the upcoming film ‘Merry Christmas.’ However, Raghavan, opting for a fresh pairing, turned down Saif’s request, aiming for a unique dynamic alongside Katrina Kaif.

Katrina and Vijay: Unique Pairing Vision for ‘Merry Christmas’

Revealing the decision-making process, Raghavan shared, “I wanted a very unique kind of pairing because that’s the story requirement. One should not get a baggage from either of them.” Despite Saif’s interest, the director insisted on exploring uncharted territory, emphasizing the need for a fresh and intriguing combination.

Director Rejected Saif Ali Khan Over Vijay Sethupathi For Merry Christmas Movie

While Saif Ali Khan was initially disappointed by the refusal, Raghavan clarified that at that point, Vijay Sethupathi had not been cast. The director highlighted the importance of creating curiosity and excitement with an unconventional pairing, stating, “With any regular pairing, I could sort of imagine a certain movie. Here, I did not know it myself. So the excitement was there.”

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In this unexpected turn of events, ‘Merry Christmas’ promises a unique cinematic experience, with a cast chosen to captivate audiences with their fresh and unconventional on-screen chemistry.