SHOCKING! DC Studios Sign Jonathan Majors With $20 Million Deal – Will Appear with This DC Superhero First!

DC Studios Sign Jonathan Majors! Just hours after Marvel Studios cut ties with Jonathan Majors, DC Studios has swooped in and signed the actor to a lucrative $20 million contract. The surprise move marks a swift change in Majors’ career trajectory.

Jonathan Majors Joins Hand With DC Universe

DC Studios expressed enthusiasm about adding Jonathan Majors to its roster. Co-CEO James Gunn stated that they are thrilled to have Majors join the DC universe and look forward to seeing him alongside their top talent on the big screen. Despite recent legal issues, DC believes in Majors’ potential, especially given his experience as Kang the Conqueror in Marvel’s Ant-Man franchise.

Majors’ Role in DC Projects

DC Studios sees Majors as a valuable addition to some of their most anticipated projects, including Aquaman, Justice League, and The Flash. They believe his previous work makes him an excellent fit for the DC cinematic universe.

Supportive Environment

James Gunn emphasized DC’s confidence in Majors, expressing the belief that the structured and supportive environment of DC’s franchises will help him thrive. The studio sees potential for Majors to embrace a new superhero persona, heal, and move forward.

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Jonathan Majors Fir’s DC Collaboration with Ezra Miller – The Flash

Jonathan Majors will first appear on DC's The Flash featuring Ezra Miller

In a surprising announcement, DC revealed that Jonathan Majors will star in a high-budget, multi-sequel franchise alongside Ezra Miller as The Flash. This collaboration adds an exciting element to DC’s upcoming projects.

With this unexpected turn of events, Jonathan Majors finds a new home in the DC universe, leaving fans curious about the fresh dynamics he will bring to iconic superhero roles.