Salman Khan is Acquitted From Black Buck Case and People are Losing it All!


Salman Khan is a target of many controversies; in fact, a source at times. And as you all know that he has four cases on him. And out of four cases he has been acquitted from three of them. You must have heard the news that Salman Khan has been acquitted from Jodhpur court from the black buck case as well.

black buck

We all know that people just can’t just let it go if it about Salman Khan. As the verdict is in favor of Salman Khan, people are literally losing it. From the hit and run case to black buck case, he surprisingly walk freely.

Okay, forget about me, check out what people have to say about Salman being acquitted from the black buck case:

This is not enough, basically it is just the beginning.


This is so much on point man!

After all, Salman is the most helpful man!

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! This is too much

And his supporters be like:

Because he is fuc*ing talented!