SRK’s ‘Jawan’: Day 1 and Opening Weekend Box Office Predictions by Trade Experts

Shah Rukh Khan’s much-anticipated film ‘Jawan’ is generating massive buzz and is expected to make a significant impact at the box office. Trade experts are predicting impressive numbers for its opening.

Day 1 Box Office Collection:

Trade analyst Akshaye Rathi predicts that ‘Jawan’ could earn a minimum of Rs 75 crore net at the Indian box office on its first day, including both Hindi and Tamil versions.

Opening Weekend Prediction:

Considering the film’s Thursday release, Rathi ambitiously predicts a worldwide net box office collection of Rs 400 crore over the extended weekend (Thursday to Sunday), encompassing India, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and overseas markets. The film’s strong appeal is drawing attention not only in traditional Bollywood markets but also in South and East India.

‘Jawan’ is poised to be a significant success, driven by Shah Rukh Khan’s charisma, director Atlee Kumar’s storytelling, and Anirudh Ravichander’s music, making it a must-watch cinematic experience.

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‘Jawan’ vs. ‘Pathaan’ at the Box Office: A Close Battle

While ‘Pathaan’ raked in a staggering Rs 543.05 crore at the Indian box office, ‘Jawan’ is set to make a splash with an expected Rs 400 crore on its opening weekend. Trade expert Akshaye Rathi highlights some key advantages of ‘Jawan.’

Rathi explains, “I’m fairly confident it should be able to, subject to the movie’s merits. ‘Jawan’ has certain advantages over ‘Pathaan.’ Firstly, ‘Jawan’ appeals to a much broader audience and is a hardcore mass entertainer. Secondly, ‘Jawan’ is likely to perform exceptionally well in Tamil Nadu due to its Tamil version. We can expect Day 1 collections of Rs 8 to 9 crore from Tamil Nadu alone.”

He adds, “Besides Shah Rukh Khan, ‘Jawan’ features Nayanthara, a Tamil superstar, Anirudh as a popular music director, and Atlee, a respected filmmaker. Vijay Sethupathi’s role as the villain adds to the local appeal in Tamil Nadu. With such a strong ensemble, ‘Jawan’ is almost like a local Tamil film, and we can anticipate a minimum of Rs 50 crore from Tamil Nadu’s box office.”