Breaking Box Office Records: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Defies Weather and Critics to Smash Opening Weekend Expectations!

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Opens to $42M-$44M Despite Weather and Mixed Reviews

Despite challenging weather conditions in the Northeast and mixed reviews, Sony’s Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is set to debut with an opening weekend between $42 million to $44 million after earning $16 million on Friday. The film, co-financed by TSG, is playing on a significant number of premium large format (PLF) and IMAX screens, which account for 36% of its box office revenue.

Mixed Reception and Familiar CinemaScore

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire received a B+ CinemaScore, similar to the 2016 all-female Ghostbusters film. This suggests a trend that might prompt Sony to reconsider the franchise’s tone and direction for future installments.

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Weather Challenges Do Not Dampen Box Office

Despite heavy rains along the Atlantic Coast, particularly from Washington D.C. to Vermont, which prompted flood watches, cinemas are expected to remain open with no significant closures affecting Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire‘s box office performance.

Comparative Box Office Figures

The overall box office for this weekend is anticipated to be approximately 17% lower than the same weekend a year ago when John Wick: Chapter 4 dominated with a strong opening. However, Frozen Empire is expected to contribute significantly to this weekend’s revenue.

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Audience Reception and Demographics

Exit polls from ComScore and Screen Engine reveal an 80% positive response to Frozen Empire, with a 64% definite recommendation rate. The audience is predominantly male (55%), with a significant portion aged between 25 to 44 years old. Caucasian viewers make up the largest demographic group, followed by Latino and Hispanic audiences.