Review: Prime Video’s ‘My Lady Jane’: A Delightfully Outlandish Take on History

‘My Lady Jane’ Review: The Wildly Fun and Fantastical Retelling of History You Can’t-Miss!”

A Twisted Tale of Lady Jane Grey

In 16th century England, Lady Jane Grey’s tragic tale is well-known. At just 16, she became Queen for nine days before being executed. Prime Video’s “My Lady Jane,” created by Gemma Burgess and based on the best-selling novel by Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows, reimagines Jane’s story playfully and seriously. Much like Hulu’s “The Great,” this series offers a fun-filled adventure with magic, romance, and strong female characters reclaiming their destinies.

Setting the Scene

Uncover the Magic and Mayhem in Prime Video's Outrageous ‘My Lady Jane’!

The show opens with a witty narrator encouraging viewers to forget what they know about Tudor history. Lady Jane Grey, played by newcomer Emily Bader, is introduced as an aspiring herbalist, treating her maid’s ailment with a homemade salve. The setting and costumes evoke the Tudor era but with a twist. Jane’s mother, Lady Frances Grey (Anna Chancellor), aims to secure the family’s future by marrying Jane off to the notorious Guildford Dudley (Edward Bluemel). Despite Jane’s wishes for freedom, even her cousin, King Edward VI (Jordan Peters), can’t alter her fate.

A World of Magic and Conflict

In Jane’s world, a conflict brews between ordinary humans (Verity purebloods) and Ethians, who can transform into animals. Ethians, marginalized and forced to survive on the kingdom’s outskirts, face unchecked attacks under King Edward’s rule, influenced by his sisters Princess Mary (Kate O’Flynn) and Princess Bess (Abbie Hern).

Jane’s Unexpected Rise to Power

Rewriting History: Prime Video's ‘My Lady Jane’ Delivers an Epic, Hilarious Fantasy Adventure!

Jane’s attempts to avoid marriage don’t go as planned. She eventually finds herself on King Edward’s throne, striving to rule justly. However, she soon faces the harsh reality of the noblemen’s bigotry towards Ethians. The show skillfully highlights how unchecked bigotry festers in society and the challenges Jane faces due to her privileged upbringing.

Strong Female Characters Shine

While the political backdrop is intriguing, the real magic lies in the female characters. Jane, despite her earnestness, is compelling. Her mother, Lady Frances, is a scheming and sex-positive force, and her sister, Lady Margaret (Robyn Betteridge), is a formidable presence. However, the unhinged Princess Mary is the standout, whose villainy adds a thrilling element to the series. Her sinister actions, particularly in Episode 5, make her a memorable adversary.

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A Fantastical Reimagining

“My Lady Jane” offers an alternative universe where women (and some men) seize control of their lives. With its delightful expletives, iconic one-liners, and intricate plots, this fantasy-filled retelling stands out as a masterful and entertaining series.

The eight episodes of “My Lady Jane” premiere on June 27 on Prime Video.