Ronaldo Loses Cool Over Messi Chants by Al Hilal Fans! – [VIDEO]

Cristiano Ronaldo’s team, Al Nassr, had a tough game against Al Hilal in the Riyadh Season Cup final on Thursday (Feb 8). Al Hilal secured a 2-0 victory, leaving Ronaldo’s performance somewhat lackluster. Despite taking four shots during the match, only one was saved by Al-Hilal goalkeeper Yassine Bonou. Throughout the game, Ronaldo faced taunts from Al-Hilal fans chanting Lionel Messi’s name, which seemed to agitate the seasoned player.

Cristiano Ronaldo Loses Cool, Watch Here

In response to the Messi chants, Ronaldo was heard saying, “I am here now, not Messi.”

A separate video circulating on social media captured Ronaldo making an inappropriate gesture towards Al-Hilal and their fans as he exited the pitch. When a couple of Al-Hilal scarves were thrown at him, the 39-year-old took one and gestured towards his crotch area before discarding it.

It’s worth noting that Ronaldo and Messi were anticipated to face off during the Riyadh Season Cup, but unfortunately, an injury sidelined Ronaldo. Despite his absence, Al-Nassr went on to secure a remarkable 6-0 victory against Inter Miami in the match.