11 Things Nobody Tells You About Life and Growing Up

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We all wish life would be the way we want it to be but this all we can wish. Having your life the way you want it can be pretty hard. As we grow up we get to learn many things. At times people around help us to learn things but at others life has its own ways to teach us.

We get to learn many things with time. Life has its own way to teach us but it is how we handle it. Somethings are hard to understand. And there is no way people can make you understand those things.

Here are some things that no one will tell you about life and growing up:

# Life is not just about playing, friends and food.


# As you grow up, you start to lose people from your life. And some of them may mean too much to you but you end up losing them.


# But slowly losing people is not a big deal because it happens all them time. Only a few people will be with you till the end.


 # Expectations will let you end up with disappointment.


# Except that (the rich ones) 1% of population, most of us have to work our ass off for a meal of 2 times.


# And not everyone see the face of success.


# Life is definitely not a smooth road.


# People will be with you according to their needs and wants. And the moment you stop fulfilling them, you will start losing them.


# You can be happy when you start to let things go. Holding on just make things worse and will make you sad.


# There are bigger problems than a mere break up or heart ache. It is OKAY not to be OKAY.


# Childhood was the best time of your whole life. You used to get enough sleep. You didn’t need to worry about clothes, food or the way you look. And you will never get it back.


So live in the moment. And be happy with what you have at the moment because the moment you will lose it or you will not have it, you would feel bad about it.

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