9 Moments In Life Your Life That Makes You Feel Alone AF!

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Single life is happy and the best until and unless you see other happy couples together and start to feel alone. Your single life is TOTALLY awesome. You don’t have to share your bed. No food sharing. You can stay in bed whole day. No heavy phone bills. All in all, it is a win-win situation!

But the moment you see a happy couple, you feel a bit sad and this is not the only time. There are many other times when you feel super freaking alone.

So, here are some moments in your life when you may feel alone AF:

1. When some one invites you at parties but only couples are allowed in party.


2. The moment when your best friend find out a partner. Basically, you have to share your best friend with someone else.


3. When you have to add ‘Emergency Contacts’ and all you can think about is your best friend but then you realize she is also taken!


4. Out of no reason, when you feel lonely. And all you see is happy couples around you.


5. Making plans on weekend with friends and they turn out to be disaster because they already have plans.


6. Yet another marriage and looking at people around you all mingled and happy. That, my friend is one of the worst feelings!


7. Your relatives asking you, “Beta tum kab shadi karoge?”. And all you can do is giving them the meanest stare possible.


8. When you buy some ready to eat food and they write “Serve for 2” on it. And you literally feel like punching the manufacturers hard on their faces.


9. That time of the year. Yes, I am talking about Valentine’s Day. And as it is around the corner now but you realize you don’t have any plans because you don’t have a partner to go out with.


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