Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan Gives A Lesson to Vicky Jain for Breaking the Rules

In the latest preview of Bigg Boss 17, host Salman Khan gets upset with contestants Vicky Jain and Isha Malviya. Salman, a popular Bollywood actor, reprimands Vicky for breaking an important rule and talking about the game plan with fellow contestant Neil Bhatt before entering the show.

Neil’s team denies the allegations, while Vicky admits to his actions during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Salman questions Vicky’s understanding of the show’s contract and discusses potential consequences with Sana Raees Khan, a contestant who is also a lawyer.

Salman expresses, “Did you both read the contract before joining the show? Vicky, did you share your strategy with anyone before coming in? This is a mistake and there might be consequences.”

Sana explains, “His participation could be stopped, and he could be asked to leave the show.”

Salman also checks with Ankita if she’s aware of the situation, to which she agrees. Neil Bhatt’s team refutes the claims, stating, “Two days before entering the Bigg Boss house, Neil received a call from Vicky, also known as Vikash Jain. Neil, being naturally quiet, just responded with ‘Let’s see’ on the call, showing his impartiality as a contestant.”

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In the therapy room, Neil confirmed that Vicky had contacted him, but they didn’t meet or discuss any strategies. Unfortunately, some media outlets have misreported this. Neil clarifies that they didn’t talk about their game plan just before the show started.