Comedian Mallika Dua Gives an Apt Answer To Those Who Says ‘She Was Asking For It’


India- A land of culture and diversity. Right? That is what we call it. At one side, we worship a woman and one the the other side people rape, humiliate and harass women. In 2012, there was a case of woman being raped in a bus. And I am so sure, you must have heard about the Bengaluru Mass Molestation case on new year. Many influential people took their stands on this thing. On of those is the comedian ‘Mallika Dua’.

mallika dua

After the case, leaders like Abu Azmi made a senseless remark:

“You have to keep petrol away from fire. And if there is sugar, ants will come automatically to it. In today’s world, the more a woman is nude, the more she is considered modern and educated. Such things are on a rise in the country. Western culture is a black spot on country’s culture and it should be stopped at the earliest. And we need to focus on our famous Indian culture.”

mallika dua

And in response to this many people said many things. But the best reply is by Mallika Dua. She aptly gave an answer to every person who says, ‘She was asking for it’. Mallika shared a video on Instagram, captioning:

We are always asking for it. Asking for it in Bangalore, asking for it in Delhi, in Shakti mills in super safe Mumbai. We are asking for it in bikinis and burqas alike. We are asking for it after marriage, before marriage, in buses, at concerts, clubs. I once asked for it at Dargah Ajmer Sharif, true fucking story. I even asked for it once when I was 7 years old in the back of my own car. But now, with a help of makeupdidi, I have found a solution to all of this. Hopefully, I’m not asking for it anymore. Aap bhi try kijiye ye looks zaroor. Gustakhi Maaf, Abu Azmi chacha. FU

Here is the video of Mallika Dua:

A video posted by Mallika Dua (@mallikadua) on Jan 5, 2017 at 3:02am PST


You go girl!